See this blog post for context.

How to set it up?

It's very simple:
  1. You provided your Ghost Admin API and URL, so that Ghost Preview can access your content
  2. You put one line code injection in your Ghost site, it looks like this <script src="https://ghutils.dingran.me/static/ghpreview.js" data-site="SITE-ID" defer></script>
That's it! Get started now 👉
You can read detailed setup instructions 👉  here

How does it work behind the scene?

Also very simple:
  1. We use the Ghost Admin API to access your posts that are not publicly visible (i.e. paid and member-only posts), and create preview (a trucated version of it) for each of them.
  2. The code injection you added to your site allows the browser to retrieve these previews and intert them into the right place for the readers to view.
You can control how much preview to offer, in terms of length percentage, the defeault is 40%.

Can I control how much preview to show?

Yes! There are two options you can use to customize your previews.
  1. Preview Ratio (default 0.4): it should be between 0.0 and 1.0 and is the primary parameter to control how much preview to show. 0.4 means preview will show 40% of the total post length.
  2. Max Length (default 10000): This is the maximum number of characters to show. The main reason we have this option is that a ratio-based preview might be too long for very long posts (thousands of words). This max length parameter will limit the preview to be at most this length.
You can access these options by clicking the Edit icon on the right in the row of the site in your Dashboard page. See this screencast if you have trouble with this https://share.getcloudapp.com/NQuJ28GB

How to remove this tool from my Ghost site?

  1. Delete the code injection. This basically disables it.
  2. Optionally, for a deeper clean, you should (1) delete the site in your Ghost Preview dashboard, this will delete all the webhooks and site info that this tool has about your Ghost site (2) in Ghost, you should delete the integration.

What are some examples?

Supported themes

This tool might not work with all custom themes. The following themes should be work:
Feel free to reach out to me if the tool doesn't work for your theme and I'll add support for it.

How to get help?

Email me at

Why is it free?

It was simple to build and free to host, so it's free for fair use.
If you insist 🤩, feel free to buy me a coffee here
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